Olympic Golf - Men's Final Round



Final leaderboard: GOLD - Justin Rose, -16 SILVER - Henrik Stenson, -14 BRONZE - Matt Kuchar, -13


Afternoon all, and welcome to the tricky 4 foot downhill left to right putt of the Olympics Golf. We're at the final stages of this tourney now and time for the cream to rise to the top. Expect many more mixed metaphors as you join me @dralanwilson for the next 90 mins until a responsible adult takes over the min by min coverage.

Just in time for Bubba to roll one in and go "flying up the leaderboard" Yes, I'm not going to rely on the TV commentators for any information whatsoever. Here's a quick leaderboard to get us up to speed.

Kuch on 9 and his long putt rolls 3 feet past. He's on something but the coverage doesn't feel it's important to let us know his score. He's off the pace I think. Stenson and Rose on the screen. Stenson down a bank and a tricky chip in store.

Stenson (-13) with a lot of loft and he nips that brilliantly off the tight lie and it stops about 18" past the hole. Birdie chance at 5. Fraser and Rose side by side off the green. Fraser first - rolls it up 4 feet short. Gives Justin a good read. Justin (-14) not bad for pace, just about 4 feet left. Kuch rolls his par putt in on 7 , stays at -7 in fact.

Pieters lags it up short, stays at -8. Fraser (-7) with a putt to join Pieters. And in. Looking like a shoot out between GBR and SWE.

Emmett Keane

Not many on the course but isn't there a refreshing absence of assholes shouting MASHED POTATOES !! all the same.

Alan Wilson

Yes, PGA Tour take note !

Kuch with a gem off the 8th tee, 5 feet right and pin high. Justin with a bit more than I thought, maybe 5 ft, but straight in the middle. Good man. Moves to -15 Stenson should follow in to get to -14. He does. Birdies each.

-15 Rose, Stenson -11 Kuchar -9 Pieters -8 Cabrero-Bello, Reed, Garcia Everyone else - fighting for bronze

On the 6th tee, Justin has the off. 192 yards ... looks good, but no. Short and right, so I'm guessing not 100% contact. On the dance floor, though so will be putting. Stenson with 8 iron too (yes, I know - hybrid for me) and he should be OK I think with this distance. BANG ! Almost down the flag stick. Should be a birdie there and it's all happening.

Ireland's Power holes out for par on 13 to stay -7. Good stuff. Kuchar holes another one and moves to -8 with Pieters and Fraser

local boy da Silva narrowly misses birdie on last, finishes on +1. Big cheers all round.