Olympic Golf - Men's Final Round



Final leaderboard: GOLD - Justin Rose, -16 SILVER - Henrik Stenson, -14 BRONZE - Matt Kuchar, -13


Rose with his third - and its within a couple of feet! That could be that! Great stuff from Rose!

Alan Wilson

that's a quality chip right there. Well played !

Rose will mark it, of course. Fraser with his birdie putt, and it drops! Nice way to finish, ends at -8.

Stenson with his birdie putt then. Must be thick end of 20 feet to go...

Stenson went for it, but it's wide and a little long. He'll putt out for par...Plenty left on it though...

Stenson can't make the par. That's a bogey, bit of a shame for the round to end like that. He'll finish at -14.

JUSTIN ROSE WINS THE OLYMPIC MEN'S GOLF GOLD MEDAL! No mistake with the birdie putt, he enjoyed that too!

Fantastic from Rose, the chip at the last was a good shot, but brilliant considering the pressure. Stenson involved in another final day thriller, and Kuchar laying claim to third with a final round 63.

There were some concerns about golf in the Olympics after the withdrawals, but I wonder if there's a few players regretting decisions now? Those last couple of holes had all the tension of a major championship - will be interesting to see how many players turn up for 2020.

On that note, we'll wrap things up. Congratulations to Justin Rose on becoming the first Olympic golf champion for more than a century, and to the other medalists too. Thanks to Alan for the earlier coverage - enjoy your week, @Ugster1 signing off!