Olympic Golf - Men's Final Round



Final leaderboard: GOLD - Justin Rose, -16 SILVER - Henrik Stenson, -14 BRONZE - Matt Kuchar, -13


Stenson on the tee at 8. Backs off again "Put the phones away" God sakes people.

Sets up again, decent shot about 30 feet left of the pin. Not as good as hoped, but he has high expectations esp. after the last two holes. Fraser with a tidy shot into 8, 10ft right of the pin. Rose last to go - GREAT SHOT !! Pin high to 4 ft, dancing round the flag. Game on again.

Kuchar rolls his eagle putt and now at -11. Did I say he was too far back? Shoot me now.

Stenson for birdie - long way away and a very good putt, just drifts past. Fraser also for birdie, nope. Wide and long. Should stay at -8. Back to where he was after Round 1. Rose with a crucial putt now ... drops !

Fraser misses his par putt, and the wheels are falling off !

Rafa's putt just misses. Stays -9. Kuch on 11. Safely down the middle. Great response by Rose and he carries it over to 9th tee where he pops one right smack down the middle. Over to you Henrik !

OK, I will take your 3 wood and raise you a Stenson 3 wood. Bonks it miles down 9th.

Kuchar on 11. Not enough air time and in the sand front of the green. Sergio on 15.

Rose on 9, long birdie putt. Dribbles up a bit short ... par for him. Fraser ... and not a great read. Misses left. Stenson , also just misses left. Kuchar dribble one in the side door to stay at -11. Still got bronze in his pocket. Meanwhile there are other players out there, but not getting much camera time. Bubba moves to -7. Too far back to threaten a medal though.

Stenson and Rose away on the par 5 10th. Definite birdie/eagle chance as we've seen earlier. Rafa misses a par putt. Moves to -8 with Pieters.