Olympic Golf - Men's Final Round



Final leaderboard: GOLD - Justin Rose, -16 SILVER - Henrik Stenson, -14 BRONZE - Matt Kuchar, -13


Well, so far I'm pretty underwhelmed by the return of golf to the Olympics. Sorry to get all Shrek, but comparing this to the final round of the Open a few weeks ago? I mean, really. Not feeling the excitement at all. Hopefully something will happen soon !

Rose with second on 10 and it's left and short. Stenson with a beautiful iron dead at the green, just short. Gator alert !!

Rose with his third, good line but doesn't check so a good few feet left for birdie.

Stenson for eagle, from about 4 ft on the first cut. Got the flat stick out. Good view of the contours there. Cosies it up and that's a kick in birdie.

Rafa on 13 wth an iron drilled right at the flag. Great shot. Rose needs this to keep the one shot lead. All of 20 feet. and it just creeps past left. Stays at -15.

On the 11th now, and it's still looking like a 2 horse race. GBR v SWE for the GOLD medal going into the last 8 holes.

Stenson with his trusty 3 wood... WHACK. Down the middle (again). Rose doesn;t like it and its in the KACK. Some kind of weird bushy thing. OOPS.

Right, thats me coming to the end of my time here (not literally I hope). Going to hand over to Matt @ugster1. Don't be surprised to see tears on the updates as he tries to recover from the events at the Emirates. Be nice to him and enjoy the rest of this. FWIW my money's on Stenson holding out here. Rose for Silver and Kuchar for bronze.

Cheers Alan, and thanks for the coverage so far. @Ugster1 with you to the end of the round now. Will endeavour not to let Arsenal's many failings affect the coverage...I did get my best ever golf score on Friday though (admittedly against a low bar), so I'll take that...

So, the leaders on the 11th, both on the green. Great shot from Rose to get there too.