Olympic Golf - Men's Final Round



Final leaderboard: GOLD - Justin Rose, -16 SILVER - Henrik Stenson, -14 BRONZE - Matt Kuchar, -13


Par for Stenson at 15. One behind with three to play.

Leaderboard, at 6:50pm: -15: Rose -14: Stenson -13: Kuchar (round completed) -9: Pieters (round completed)

To the 16th. Leaders away OK. This competition may be a bit of a curates egg, but I'm starting to enjoy this - a close finish like this certainty helps. Not mammoth crowds, but plenty of people around and the 18th seems pretty packed.

Alan Wilson

Yes, I'm happier now and having two major champs slugging it out down the stretch would have been a dream come true for the organisers

Graham Terris

Does it help that there's no reward beyond the 1st three - as opposed to fairly easy money settling for top 20?

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It's not over yet! Brilliant second from Stenson right at the flag, it's stopped right behind the hole - birdie chance ahoy. Fraser pretty good with his second too - not too far away. Pressure on Rose then. His second to 16...not really good enough. On green but a long way short of the flag. Two putts for par best he can hope for.

Rose at 16 with his nominal birdie putt...oooh, it's nearly in! Just misses on the left. Broke late, can't believe it didn't drop! Par.

Par for Fraser at 16. Stenson with his chance to, once again, tie the lead. Taking plenty of time with this one...worth it, makes it! Level again, two holes left...

Leaderboard, at 7:10pm -15: Rose, Stenson -13: Kuchar (round completed) -9: Pieters (round completed)

Stenson with the honour at the short 17th. Flag tucked behind the bunker, will be interesting to see if they take it on...Stenson finds green, to right of flag. Not bad. Fraser next - and he's gone right over the green, a little too much on that one!

Rose at 17. Just off the back of the green, right at the pin. Honours just about even.

Bubba Watson misses another birdie putt - not for the first time today - this time at the last and he finishes at -7.