Olympic Golf - Men's Final Round



Final leaderboard: GOLD - Justin Rose, -16 SILVER - Henrik Stenson, -14 BRONZE - Matt Kuchar, -13


Fraser goes with the hybrid or similar from behind the green. Not too bad, finds the putting surface at least. Rose from just off the green. Decent effort, little short, marks it but it'll be a tap in for par.

Stenson's turn. Not a great putt, never looked to be going in and there's a little chicken left on that bone, as I believe the kids say.

Fraser misses his putt back, so that's a bogey for the Australian. Stenson with his par putt...three feet maybe. Yes, makes it. Rose taps his in, and we go to the last with the leaders tied at -15.

Stenson first on 18. It's the driver. It's gone right, long way right - OK, but the second shot is that much more different now. Rose with his drive...yet more phone noise, resets. He's right too, not quite as far as Stenson. Fraser joins the 'go right' club - and his ball picked up by a spectator! Quickly dropped when he gets shouted at.

Second shots at the last, Fraser first. Good shot too, caught it cleanly and he's set up the third shot into the green. Stenson next...

Three wood for Stenson, I think. Seems to catch it well, it's on the fairway, short pitch left to the green.

Rose also with the three wood, will want to get near Stenson. Clean strike, little further left but it's fine. Pitching contest coming up...

If a playoff is required, it'll be the 18th/1st/17th, and they'll keep playing them until we have a winner.

Fraser with his third. Finds green, little short of flag - not bad. Stenson next to play, although not quite yet as they're both at the green getting the lie of the land first.

Stenson with his third...and it's not great, finds green but spins back, some distance left.