Cycling: Day 4 at The Velodrome - Kenny, Skinner, and much more.



Right here we go! We are guaranteed a medal, but who will it go too? Kenny or Skinner? Nathan Waywell (@nw_1711) is here to find out!

We are about to get underway in the Men's Omnium Scratch Race. A certain Mark Cavendish is in it. Before this was the qualifiers in the Womans Sprint. No major upsets occurred.

We are off!

Everyone still quite compact after 4:09 has gone in the race. 45 laps to go.

A third of the way into this race, and still it is a very tactical affair.

Cavendish has pulled away with Hansen!

They have both decided to slow down though and have been caught up. Saving their energy for later in the race I presume.

Bobby Lea is mounting a strong attack! With Jasper De Vois of Belgium. They lead by half a lap.

Rest of field closing in though.

2 laps to go!