Wrestling - Men's Medal Bouts



Hello! After far too much difficulty getting on the BBC live stream...we're bringing you live Graeco-Roman Wrestling. Like WWE but real. And without chairs. Hopefully

Chris Kelly

Having the final in Hell in a Cell might make it more interesting!

Ismael Borrero Molina v Shinobu Ota. Cuba v Japan for the Mens 59kg Final. Bronzes earlier went to Berge of Norway and Tasmuradov of Uzbekistan

Three two minute rounds! Here we go!

A minute into round one. Lots of grappling, nowt doing. 0-0

Some good flexibility from Ota gets himself out of trouble. Molina putting his man under pressure, can go on the front work. Ota blocks off a choke hold. It's actually two of three 0-0

Four point score, then a two for Molina. A huge throw. Two more and it'll be game over! 6-0

HT Molina 6-0 Ota. Huge throw late in the round

Back underway! 6-0

The Cuban looking to run down the clock. Patient stuff at four minutes 6-0

CUBA WIN GOLD! Borrero Molina gets a throw in and gets enough points to take him to eight! An efficient win. Ota with some god gymnasgic ability but was on the back foot all bout