Swimming: Women's 10k



Morning all. @aidanleape here for a mammoth of an event her. It's the Women's 10km Marathon Swim. 26 Women will dive into the murky waters of Rio and battle it out for Gold. Britain's Kerri-Ann Payne in this, and most commentators saying she has a chance. Surely this gold rush can't continue. Surely. I won't believe how good the last 24 hours has been.

So, all the swimmers are in a pen then, and are about to run Baywatch style, down the beach, avoiding the shells and the jellyfish and into the water. Maybe not actually, they are just going to walk in. I'm told the pontoon that we were due to start off was washed away. Nothing like preparedness.

So this 10km swim, has now turned into about a 10.1km swim as the athletes battle against the tide (and the threat of disease ridden water) to get to the start.

They are off then. Bit of a melee of legs and arms here. I'm expecting many a person to get a kick in the chops in this race. I'm banking on at least two broken noses.

This is going to be VERY difficult to tell you exactly what's happening. I can currently see about 26 boats. It's more like some boating trip that you take on holiday than actual world class sport.

Round the first buoy. I won't tell you what it looks like. I'll let you use your imagination. Actually, I will give you one word. Phallic. Oh so yellow. And Phallic.

The swimmers are battling against the tide at the moment, but nobody is really dropping off the back yet, and we're all still bunched together nice and tightly. I believe that this is a race that will break up a bit as we go along. After all, there are splits in a triathlon swim. i'm hoping there are gaps anyway.

10 minutes in here. I still haven't had an update on positions. I can tell you that there are 24 people in canoes though. For no discernible reason. If anything, the support boats have been slightly more interesting so far. Éva Risztov (HUN) the only one who is gaining a little bit of space up front. Mainly to get out of the flailing limbs.

Sharp left hand turn here for the leaders. 1400m down. Éva Risztov still leads this one. Keri-Anne Payne of Great Britain is still positioned very nicely in the centre of the scramble. I haven't seen the water tinted with any blood from a broken nose YET, but I assume you wouldn't see it for the disease, dead fish and shopping trollies.

Lots of whistling going on. Apparently that's a warning for a swimmers, but it just makes it sound like we're trying to park cars in a high pressure environment.