Athletics: Day Four



That's it folks. No more athletics in this session. This was a very interesting Session and I'm happy you've joined me for it. I've been Ewan (@ewanssports) join me tommorow for the men's 10km Swimming in open water. For now.. goodbye!

Koech wins! Van Zyl 2nd Silva 3rd Tinsley and Chen will not qualify!

heat 6 includes Silva, Koech, Chen, Tinsley

Rodger of GB will not qualify

Bett and Whyte where way ahead at the final straight and then Bett falls over the hurdle! Robinson will get 2nd, Green is nowhere.... WAIT! GREEN SPRINTS LIKE MENTAL AND GETS 2ND! Whyte wins! Green a fair bit behind and just pips for 2nd Robinson thought he got 2nd but Green suddnely gets it from him. Robinson gets 3rd

No warnings or anything like that, we're going again!

Huh? Maybe it was a malfunction

False Start! 3 did it!

Heat 5/6: Whyte Bultheel Couto Robinson Moro Hanekom J Green of GB! Bett

Rodger nowhere but Nozawa was way ahead! And he didn't slow down! Wow! BARR OF IRELAND 2ND AND QUALIFIES (NIALL!!!) Cray 3rd!