Cycling: Men's Omnium Time Trial



Hello!! We are onto the sprint! Becky James now and she just managed to pip her French opponent! So she beats Cueff and will go into the 1/4 final! I'm @TimBonvilleGinn, it's Cav's big day but this is what we're focusing on now

So noe it's Welte vs Marchant, ohhh Welte has gone for a long one!! Big gap for Welte! Marchant fighting back and goodness me an excellent win by the Brit!

Well, Welte had a large gap but not enough! She joins James in the quarters

Anna Mears time! It's Lee from Hong Kong to face the Aussie Mears, she might have a difficult time here

It's amazing that they can do a whole lap looking behind them really, but I guess, you know where you're going, it's going to be a big battle as Lee has been forced to the front! Good tactics by Mears

They begin to accelerate but Mears is looking very good! But Lee takes it!! Oh blimy! Lee into the quarters and Mears faces a difficult challenge now

So it's Ligtlee of the Netherlands facing the Lithuanian Krupeckaite

You'd expect the Dutch woman to take this but you never know

And they wind it up big time! Ligtlee is looking fast and she just pips the Lithuanian!

I really don't like the Dutch kit! Not too keen on the Lithuanian one either