Cycling: Men's Omnium Final



Hello hello! It's another day in the velodrome! It's Cav time! Can the Manx missile get gold? We do hope so, but he needs to pass France's Boudat and Italy's Viviani! Im @TimBonvilleGinn and here is the set order today!

So the first race is the flying lap in the Omnium! Cavendish goes 15th if you're eager to see him, watch out for my CAVENDISH CLAXON!


Hiya Tim. Bet my Cav Klaxon is louder than yours! 📣

So it's Prado of Mexico who will set us off on an event that should suit the likes of Viviani, Cavendish and Hansen. Don't be surprised to have Kluge and Gaviria up there as well. Boudat is a real fighter on the roa so I'd assume he will be here as well. Former world champ in this competition

Ignacio Prado is out on the track, he will watch to get nicely up to speed. Riding really high on the track so he can drop down and accelerate!

Here he goes and his time is 14.046 seconds, is that good you ask? I respond with not a blooming clue!

Suter of Switzerland now, he's winding up a bit better than Prado by the looks but here he goes!

His time is 12.981 seconds, just over a second faster than Prado, very good time

Bobby Lea now for the US! Here he goes, looking very smooth on the cervelo bike

His time is 13.416 seconds, not great on that then, dropped far too late

Kuboki now for Japan! On a Japanese style Look bike! Very jazzy