Cycling: Men's Omnium Final



This is the final bye message! Hopefully no more goings on! Yet again, I'm @TimBonvilleGinn, see you for the handball final and the final cycling grand your of the season, yes, La Vuelta is coming! See you there! Tarah!

Here is the podium for the Men's Omnium! I know all the words into the Italian national anthem just so you know! For some reason Hansen looks the happiest but I can tell you Viviani is over the moon and has carried on to fly way past Pluto he's that happy!

So if you missed it; Elia Viviani: GOLD Mark Cavendish: SILVER Lasse Norman Hansen: BRONZE I think if Hansen didn't mess up the elimination, he would taken gold!

Just to slot something in... Cavendish on the podium! He might smile now, we'll see

Here is the standings at the end of day one in the top 9 of the women's omnium! Laura Trott leads the way and looks good! That's it for coverage today, thank you so much for joining me! I'm @TimBonvilleGinn, Cav got a medal! Shame it was Silver, good racing this even! Having a very good rest of you evening. Good night

She floated through as if nothing was happening, looked like a nice ride on the canal with a Strava segment at the end for her! She hardly had her mouth open!!

Trott battles d'Hoore and Trott wins!! Fantastic win for the Brit! She is incredible in the elimination and she is in first quite happily!

Get on her wheel!! Hammer attacks but Trott goes by and did hammer go! HAMMER IS OUT!!

Trott at the back now but she moves up with Wild who is out of the Netherlands!

Trott is working well as Hammer just beats Edmondson to the line! The Aussie is out