Cycling: Men's Omnium Final



Here he comes!! Mark Cavendish! Come on mark absolutely nail it mate! Here he goes to get his flying lap going

He's doing well, here he comes!! Cav gets a 12.793! Hes 2nd and that's a new PB for him! What can Boudat and Viviani do??


Chris Hoy predicted 12.80 tonight. Not bad!

Boudat now, he should be a poorer lap but hes on form, we'll see. Here he goes!

Hes well down, here he comes and 8th with a 13.272 seconds! Really poor there Cav moves into 2nd overall

Here is Elia Viviani of Italy and Team Sky! He should do well with this! Here he goes

Viviani get 12.660 seconds and Cav is into silver! Viviani has 178 and Cav is 2nd then Hansen into bronze!

So Cavendish is happy with that, it's getting tight at the top in this, for the women's sprint coming up now, I'll get a drink and be right back

I don't know about you, but I find this side of cycling very stressful! Ooh Cav and Trott having a hit of a laugh! Nice to see

The women's sprint to decide 9th to 12th place, because you want a solid placing in an event like thid, Cueff, Hansen, Mears and Welte face eachother again! We'll see how they go

While I dislike Anna Mears, it's not nice seeing such a powerful athlete performing so poorly, time for retirement again?