Boxing: Men's Heavyweight Final



Good evening everyone and it's time for a gold medal to be handed out in the boxing ring. It's the heavyweight final Judges are from Ireland, Colombia, Algeria, Vietnam and Brazil. Gerardo Possi, the Argentine ref, is booed. And here are your fighters! Evgeny Tischenko of Russia takes on Kazakhstan's Vassilly Levit

Final intros underway. Ronald McIntosh commentating, so boring and robotic he actually gets monthly firmware updates ROUND 1 - FIGHT

Levit has started quicker in blue

Tishchenko losing concentration. Trying punches but it's Levit who getting his in. 30 seconds left in the round

End of Round 1 - Tishchenko getting a bit of blood too. Two judges go for Levit. One for the Russian...somehow


Levit's really going for it now. Right on the front foot. The Russian can't get his jabs in, making mistakes

Tishchenko throws in a good shot, well overdue. Seconds left

Both go at it prior to the bell. Levit's tactics seem to be working better. Tishchenko git forced back to the ropes

Into round 3 - judges don't have it as much in favour of Levit as me. He's landed two or three good punches though. Putting Tischenko under loads of pressure