Weightlifting: Men's 105kg Final



Good evening everyone, and welcome to BTM a overage of the Men's +105kg Olympic Weightlifting final. In other words, the big chaps. @Ugster1 with you for it.

Format pretty straightforward - two bits to the competition - the snatch, which comes first, and the clean and jerk. The weight lifted by each athlete in each discipline are added together to give a total, and biggest total wins.

I was lucky enough to be at the women's weightlifting in London - electric atmosphere, really does build tension nicely. Rio weightlifting centre looks to be full.

Olympic champion is Behdad Salimikordasiabi, and he's the favourite for this competition, with Lasha Talakhadze from Georgia seen as the main threat to the Iranian. Start imminent, snatch to come first. Three lifts for each lifter in each of the disciplines - should there be a tie, body weight comes into it, but let's not worry about that at the moment!

To give you an idea of what to expect, the snatch lifts for the top guys should be over 200kg - that's more than 31 stone...

Ahmed Mohamed from Egypt gets us underway - nice clean lift at 185kg.

Jiri Orsag (Czech Republic) next up for 185kg...oooh, thought he wasn't going to make it but after a brief pause at the bottom he gets it up. He's off the mark.

Two Armenians in the field, and here's the first at 186kg. Ruben Aleksanyan makes it look easy too. Estonian Mart Seim next, at 187kg (weight only ever goes up, so lifters have to be careful about where they come in) - our first failure, never got that started.

Seim straight back out for another go at 187kg. Lots of these lifters planning to come out at a weight near their PB - a risky strategy, perhaps. As for Seim - yikes, that's nearly off the stage but he manages to steady himself and it counts! Heart in mouth for a bit there!

Up to 188kg, Almir Velagic (Germany) first to try, and he makes short work of it. Good start for him. Crowd noise ramps up as the Brazilian, Fernando Saraiva Reis attempts 190kg...and it's good too, clean lift under his belt.