Weightlifting: Men's 105kg Final



11 lifters in this competition. Mohamed back for 190kg, and it's another good lift. Orsag also back for 190kg...nope, it's our second failure so far. Still waiting for a few competitors to start...

Seim back for his last snatch - going for 191kg...no, another failure as he didn't really get it going, so he'll take 187kg through to the clean and jerk.

Orsag's back now to take on 191kg, his last attempt. That's a little unusual, his right hand slipped off the bar as he was coming up, so it's a failure and he ends the snatch at 185kg. Up to 192kg, Velagic can't lift it though - seeing a few more failures now!

Mohamed with his final snatch at 192kg...no, and he seems to have injured himself too - groin, possibly knee. He'll stick at 190kg.

Velagic back again for 192kg...another failure, he ends up on his knees and at 188kg for the snatch.

Some new lifters now. At 193kg, first attempt for Turkmenistan's Hojamuhammet Toychyyev. It's near his PB, and he's nowhere near lifting it. Aleksanyan back for 193kg, and it's another good lift - looking the best so far.

Toychyyev to try again at 193kg...another failure, barely gets that one off the floor before dropping it. In trouble now, only one more snatch opportunity left. Still waiting for four of the lifters in this group to get started.

Third attempt for Toychyyev at 193kg. If he doesn't get this he's out of the competition...and he's gone, that bar never got higher than his knees, and he's out before some have even started.

Crowd noise tells us it's time for Saraiva Reis again. Having a go at 195kg...gets it above his head but can't drive it up, that's a failure and he's at 190kg at the moment.

Aleksanyan for his third lift, bar still at 195kg...yes! Goes for a bit of a walk with the bar, but that equals his personal best, despite being nearly off the platform! It's nearly 31 stone in old money. It'll be more in the clean and jerk...