Weightlifting: Men's 105kg Final



Saraiva Reis back, and crowd go wild as he makes the successful lift at 195kg! Excellent way to end the snatch, he's with Aleksanyan at 195kg, which was also the lead in the B group earlier.

Irakli Turmanidze from Georgia next, at 197kg - easy lift. Bar goes up to 200kg, Gor Minasyan of Armenia to start his snatch campaign, and makes it look very simple indeed.

203kg now on the bar, and it's Turmanidze with his second try...little bit of movement, but it's a clean lift.

Second Georgian comes out with 205kg on the bar - Lasha Talakhadze makes it look simple too. And here comes the defending champ - Behdad Salimikordasiabi with 206kg on the bar, blimey, he made that look easy.

Minasyan back for 207kg, and he succeeds too. There's been a change in quality in the last few minutes as the medal contenders get involved. Turmanidze also going for 207kg...does it, that's his third clean lift and up 5kg on his PB. Can have a quick rest and see how the others do now...

210kg on the bar, it's Talakhadze with his second lift, and he's our new leader. Still has one lift left too. Minasyan with his last lift at 210kg...whoa, all over the place but he steadies himself and he now takes the lead (on body weight).

Salimikordasiabi back for 211kg...oh, he's making this look easy, barely any strain then, getting the crowd involved too - after he's put the bar down...

Bar going to 215kg - this'll be a new Olympic and World Record in the snatch. Talakhadze to try it first, his third lift...NEW WORLD RECORD! He's just taken it from the Olympic champion...

Salimikordasiabi comes out for his third lift, he's going for 216kg...NEW WORLD RECORD! Made that look a tiny bit more tricky than his previous lifts, but still pretty neat and tidy. So the Olympic champ will take a 1kg lead into the clean and jerk. He's just lifted over 34 stones. Mental.

So a brief pause before the clean and jerk starts. Currently Salimikordasiabi leads on 216kg, with Talakhadze in second a kilo behind, and Minasyan third on 210kg. Just for info, the total top weight after the B final earlier was 432kg.