Weightlifting: Men's 105kg Final



Here we go then, into the clean and jerk. The World and Olympic record for the combined total is 472kg - may see that threatened tonight.

Only 10 lifters now, as Toychyyev didn't get a snatch in, so 30 lifts between now and some medals...

Turmanidze first up, who did well in the snatch. He's having a go at 228kg, and makes it look quite easy, despite not having too much recovery time.

Orsag for his first clean and jerk, going for 230kg...it's hard work, but it's up, that'll do. Velagic of Germany next, going for 232kg...yes, good lift, although not sure he's got much left!

News that Mohamed won't be taking any further part in the competition, picked up an injury in the snatch part of the contest - unlucky for him, although he wasn't likely to contend for medals.

Turmanidze for his second lift, this one at 235kg. Movement, but steadies himself and that's three white lights - good stuff.

Minasyan, third after the snatch, with his first clean and jerk - 236kg, gets it. That's a total of 446kg now.

We're up to 240kg already, and it's Saraiva Reis with his first try at it...the fact that the crowd go wild should tell you what's happened! Lifts it, spends a long time with the bar on his chest but gets it up. Orsag back for 240kg also...takes a bit of time but he's done it. That's a total of 425kg for him now.

Velagic also for 240kg...no, not close. He'll come straight back out for his third and final lift, although will have a minute or two to compose himself...

Ah, hang on, Velagic has increased his weight so it's Minasyan next at 241kg, and it's a failure - gets two red lights, didn't press out well enough.