Weightlifting: Men's 105kg Final



Turmanidze out for his final lift at 241kg. Yes, all good, three white lights, that's a total of 448kg after his lifts and he's in the lead.

Minasyan back at 241kg, and no doubt this time - good lift, that's him done, and at 451kg total, he's the new leader.

242kg now, Talakhadze starts his clean and jerk with a very nice, clean lift, so he's in the lead now, Velagic can't lift the same weight with his last attempt, so he'll end at 420kg overall. Estonian Seim next, only 187kg in the snatch...but starts with a neat 243kg with his first C&J.

Orsag with his last lift in the competition, going for 243kg...no, can't finish the second movement off, so he finishes at 425kg.

245kg on the bar now, Aleksanyan to start his clean and jerk section...and it's a good lift, looked like it might be tough for him but finished it nicely.

Olympic champion Salimikordasiabi starts at 245kg...and its two red lights! Elbows don't lock, and that'll make things interesting... Saraiva Reis back for 245kg...aaah, nearly makes it but can't finish the move off. He's got one more chance.

Salimikordasiabi back, sticking at 245kg...not sure about that elbow...but he gets three white lights. Jury having a look at this though, clock has stopped whilst it's being reviewed... Decision overturned by jury, so it's a second failure! Wow, that's some pressure on Salimikordasiabi now - does he try that again or go up with his last attempt?

The clean was fine on both occasions, it was the jerk that Salimikordasiabi looked really uncomfortable with. He's back out to try 245kg for the last time...

...no, the Olympic Champion is out! From a world record to no lift. Obviously not happy with the jury, but to my untrained eye it looked the right call.

Talakhadze in the box seat now, he's out to try 247kg with his second lift. And that's easy, and that could well be gold. Quite a difference when compared with Salimikordasiabi. Saraiva Reis with his final attempt, also at 247kg...nope, can't get it going and he'll end with 435kg - 5th place at the moment.