Weightlifting: Men's 105kg Final



Seim back for his second clean and jerk - we're up to 250kg now, that's over 39 stone. Gets the bar up, but not good enough - two red lights. Salimikordasiabi has apparently gone out to speak to the jury. Given the size of him they may need some new underwear...

Emmett Keane

Can we all agree that Brazilians have disgraced themselves every time a Brazilian is in play for a medal. Whole place thinks it's on an away day with West Hams Inter City Firm.

We're up to 254kg on the bar now, which Aleksanyan can't lift.

Aleksanyan back out again for 254kg - can't make it, and not happy with the crowd. As mentioned in the comments, the fans haven't really been giving all the lifters the appropriate respect, although not sure if it's Brazilians or Iranians to blame...

Siem back with his last attempt, at 255kg. Clean fine, jerk not. He ends at 430kg overall. Talakhadze going for 258kg, gets it, that's six clean lifts and a NEW WORLD RECORD for the combined - 473kg. More importantly...

GOLD MEDAL FOR LASHA TALAKHADZE! Seemed to use the crowd to get worked up for that last lift. Looked pretty comfortable all the way through, well deserved. Shame there was a little controversy, but the judging, on this occasion at least, looked to be correct.

Final Men's +105kg Olympic Weightlifting results: GOLD - Lasha Talakhadze, 473kg total SILVER - Gor Minasyan, 451kg total BRONZE - Irakli Turmamidze, 448kg. Georgians first and third, with an Armenian between them in second.

So a pretty comfortable win for Talakhadze in the end. He did serve a doping ban for a couple of years, so perhaps we shouldn't go crazy with the congratulations yet, but he certainly looked the best of that particular bunch.

Right, hope you enjoyed that. Time to wrap it up - enjoy the rest of the Games, @Ugster1 signing off!