World Darts Championship Preview



Hello and welcome to our World Championship preview. I'm Chris Clark and I have the pleasure of introducing Dan Dawson. Welcome Dan!

DD: Evening. I'll do my best to convey the excitement of the biggest event in world darts, without breaking your lovely website thing.

CC - Yes you dare break this thing. It's only held together by glue and an old rusty bit of wire from a 1982 Winmau signed John Lowe board

DD: I promise nothing.

CC - Excellent. Well let's get this preview underway. What chance do you give last year's winner this time around?

DD: Good, but perhaps marginally less than last year. He was unstoppable at times in 2014, & was on a superb run going into the tournament

CC - Do you think he has dealt well with the pressure of being the World Champion? (blimey that's quite a serious question)

DD: he's one of the few who, I believe, doesn't feel pressure. He talks nonsense about not caring about winning/losing - but I don't think..

DD... he feels losing as keenly as some. It's a strength and a weakness. It was getting angry at defeat that spurred him on to winning again

CC - Yeah I suppose if you're a competitive sportsmen you've got to have that drive to win a game. Maybe he just doesn't show it emotionally