Men's Triathlon



Hello, hello, @TimBonvilleGinn here for the Men's Triathlon! 55 triathletes about to take to the water at Copa Cobana! Brownlee's here, the Russian brothers here, no Gomez! But Spain have Mola!!

And we are away! Big swim in the polluted waters! Lovely! So we have this swim then the bike followed by the 10,000m run! Brutal!

Alistair was a bit slow out the 'blocks' but hopefully he's not doing too badly! Huge huge crowds here on the beach! Mola in the far group to the Brownlee duo! They're neck and neck at the moment, although, saying that, some are starting to move away

Richard Varga of Slovakia is starting to pull away, the Slovakian, who trains with the brothers as we have some dunking! Unpleasant to see that your opponent's are trying to drown you

We have quite a few stragglers already! I can't imagine how hard it must be to swim with all these waves! Must throw you off your rhythm quite a lot

Oooh one of the Poliyanskiy brothers is just behind Varga!

Really spread out now out on course, well over halfway in the swim, the Brownlee's are in 4th and 6th for the moment!

It's not too surprising that the crowd on the beach is huge because, well, it's Copa Cobana and its a hot day in Rio

About 5 mins left of this swim, no huge breaks as of yet but it's definitely strung out

Varga has been so so strong on this swim! Jonathan is 4th with Alistair in 6th