Men's Triathlon



They're taking a lot of time with this and I've got uni stuff to sort out; thanks for joining me, I'm @TimBonvilleGinn, thanks for joining me, adios

Ah we will get the medal ceremony, should be nice

Top 10 for you here! Unfortunately it looks like we're not going to get the medal ceremony

I'm just waiting to see if we'll get the medal ceremony! I hope we do because that would be a great sight for our lads on the to step and second step

One of the triathletes has been taken away on a wheelchair, hopefully he's okay.... obviously he isn't at the moment, but in the long run

Keane of Ireland had just come in 7'08" down in 40th place for you Irish fans

One brother happier than the other I'm sure

Alistair Brownlee wins Team GB's 20th Olympic GOLD medal of these games! Absolutely incredible! A excellent 1st and 2nd for the brothers! Well done lads! Proud west Yorkshireman here!

Lots of triathletes collapsing after finishing!

Henry Schoeman bronze!