Men's Triathlon



The triathletes need to make sure they have the goggles and caps in the plastic boxes! They hit the cycle! The brothers are doing well so far

Well, not the best transition from the brothers! The other Brit, Benson, is quite a way down so far as we hit the 40km cycle! 8 laps of 4.8km with a nasty climb as Jonathan Brownlee pushing the pace with Alistair

That's cut up the race very nicely! Quite a fast descent, shouldn't be a problem though

Very harsh route this, as the Brownlee's are riding very strongly shouting a lot of instructions and they're riding very well with the other 8 riders

The group are putting on a very harsh pace! A really good crowd here for this race! We hit the climb again!

So, the group of 10 are now making a great gap! Vincent Luis of France is here, powerful looking triathlete and apparently he can be a danger man! He came 2nd in the test event last year behind Gomez of Spain, who, of course, isn't here

Big big gap back to the Mola group! Must say, the Brownlee's bike and helmets are vile! A Boardman bike and nasty helmets. I do understand that the bike is a specialist triathlon bike but still

We've been going for nearly 40ons already! Excellent entertainment

Brownlee's, Luis, Van Riel, Kanute, Doyle, Varga, Fabian, Salvisberg and Schoeman in the lead group and they have a gap of 1'03" which is excellent!

The Brownlee's are very happy to lead up the climbs each time, they look very good