Men's Triathlon



We're nearly at half way on the bike! Around 20km left

This is a sport that u would really like to be able to do, sadly I'm a terrible swimmer but I can run and cycle so I guess biathlon it is..


Duathlon. Biathlon is skiing and shooting :-)

Tim Bonville-Ginn

It is, thanks for reminding me haha, still, Biathlon is my favourite winter sport, probably why it came to mind

The gap is 1'13" back to the Mola group! Its gone out 10" since the last lap and surprisingly no Poliyanskiy brothers in the first group! That is a surprise

Shoes are all ready for them at the finish/transition area! A little split was just being made but Luis brings Alistair back, the Brownlee's are looking good

So we're on lap 6 now!

Didn't see the gap back to the second group but it's extended

Front group averaging around 41km/h so far, we've nearly hit the hour mark now! In this Olympics men's triathlon

We now hit lap 6 of 8! We have a break by Schilling, the Dane has pushed on and has a 7 sec lead over the second big group

So, the group have just settled on thr pace! CRASH! Benson and a couple of others involved! Yorke of Canada is one of them as he runs to the wheel station to get the bike fixed

Final lap of 8 on the 40km cycle! We have this 4.8km lap then a small matter of a 10km run in 30+ degrees C!