Men's Triathlon



A smallish group that has Mola in it is around 1'15" down on the Brownlee group!

Vincent Luis attacks a little bit off the front but the brothers are pushing over to the bulky Frenchman

It's should be a contest between Luis, Royle and the Brownlee's for the medals as we're getting close to the transitions! They loosen the shoes, getting ready

All but Fabian have feet out of the shoes as they get the bikes in, they need the helmet in the box and that was smooth enough

Everyone takes bottles and sponges to cool themselves down as the Brownlee's and Luis pull out a gap already!

Mola has gone through transition! He should be the best runner out there but should be interesting out of contention

Van Reel and Schoeman just behind the front trio and then it's the Aussie, Royle

Alistair is desperately trying to cool himself down with the bottles and sponges as the brothers start to pull away from Luis!! This is very good from that lads

Schoeman has dropped his opponents and is now with Luis! Good running by the South African!

Alistair ups the pace! As Schoeman has dropped Luis!! That's a surprise! The South African is moving very smoothly as Luis is huffing and puffing, looking rather labored.