Men's Triathlon



Quite amazing that brothers can be the top of a sport and completely dominante along with a couple of Spaniards

Looking increasingly likely that we will see Team GB's 20th gold medal of this Rio Olympic Games!

Quite amazing that the Brownlee's are lapping runners!! That's 5000m done with 5000m to go! I don't envy them at this moment in time

They have 13", 21", 27" and 49" gaps on individual runners! Mola is 1'18" down on the lads

Alistair is starting to push on from his younger brother!! It is! Jonathan starting to lose touch with his older brother! You'd hope that Jonny can pace himself and not allow Schoeman to get back to him!

Jonny must be sick and tired of seeing his elder brother pulling away from him

Alistair is on track to be the first EVER triathlete to win multiple Olympics titles! Never mind retaining his titles from London 2012

Alistair Brownlee has a 15" advantage and is 1 lap off Olympic history!

Schoeman is 38" off Alistair

All three podium sitters at the moment look very smooth still! Alistair has an 18" lead over his brother!