China Badminton



Hey everyone. Men's doubles bronze medal match in badminton coming up soon. Right now, it's Spain vs China in a women's semi final. Are you paying attention to the Chinese athletes to see if GB can finish above China in the medal table? If so, Marin of Spain is a set up on Li of China and 18-16. Unfortunately, it looks like we've just had a knee injury for Li. Hopefully doesn't end like this.

Li went backwards on an overhand smash and landed really awkwardly. It's not a video nasty, but it looked extremely awkward. They're strapping up the knee just now.

Li wants to continue. Her coach wants her to call it a day. She gets up. Stretches it off. It's gonna be difficult, but she's determined to keep going.

It doesn't take long. Marin wins 21-16 and clinches her place in the final.

Next up Marcus Ellis and Chris Langridge face the Chinese pair of Chai Baio and Hong Wei for the Bronze medal.

No hanging about today. Straight on the court. We get the formalities out the way and the Bronze medal game is about to get underway.

Game on! China to serve to get us underway.

Quick 2-0 lead for GB. A back hand into the net and then a wide forehand from the Chinese pair.

3-1 GB. China take a pointing a short serve, then a rally ends with an Ellis smash for the point.

4-1. Into the net. Good start from GB