Women's Modern Pentathlon



Hello everyone, Chris Rolfe here and at 10pm ill be taking you through the final 2 elements of the Womens Modern Pentathlon

The Jumping is currently ongoing, I'll bring you the standings as soon as they're in, Oktawia Nowacka of Poland led after the swimming, holding a 12 point lead over Clouvel of France

Sorry those scores are with the jumping score included, 5 women going clear in the jumping to score the maximum 300 points including Britains Kate French and Ireland's Natalya Coyle

Coyle sits 6th going into the running/shooting with 803 points, 44 less than the leader and French is on 794, 53 points off the pace

2012 Silver medallist Sam Murray is 18th on 779 points, she'll have to run and shoot perfectly to stand any chance of medalling

I'll be back just before 10 as the medals are decided with a 3200m cross country run and 5 visits to the shooting range

The start has been delayed until 10:15

We're lining up on the start line, we are ready to start

Basically, the leader goes off first and then theres go off in stages depending how many points behind the leader they are, Coyle of Ireland goes off 44 seconds after the leader

Nowacka has started poorly on the range, recovers to set off just a couple of seconds after Clouvel who clawed a lot of time back on that shoot