Bmx: Semi Finals and Final



hello everybody, I'm Ewan (@ewanssports) here with the semis right now

heat 1 is about to start!

Women's heat 1 run 1 right now

Pajon, Hernandez, Christensen, Post, Van Benthem, Valentino, Carr and Diaz in heat 1

They will try to get points in the 3 runs, bottom 4 in points after run 3 go through to the final!

Women's Semis Heat 1 Run 1 is underway!

Diaz nowhere!

Pajon won by miles! Hernandez just pips Post for 2nd and Christensen just got 4th

Heat 2 Invovles Buchanan Smulders Vanhoof Crain Reynolds Bondarenko Pries Stevaux Carnaval

Remember, bad places mean lots of points, low points is good