Boxing: Nicola Adams Fights for Gold



GOOD EVENING FIGHT FANS! The smiling assassin from Leeds goes for Olympic glory again. Nicola Adams, let's do this!

Nicola is up against French-woman Sarah Ourahmoune for the gold medal in little over 5 minutes time. She is a dangerous opponent. It wouldn't surprise me if she won. But I'd still say Nicola can take her. Hopefully she'll be doing another interview like this from 4 years ago later on.

John Inverdale and Anthony Joshua on duty ringside for the BBC. Don't do it wouldn't be pretty to see John getting smashed around Rio on a Saturday tea-time.

Here she comes. OOZING confidence. She's up for this. I wouldn't want to be Sarah Ourahmoune for the next 15 minutes that's for sure.

Here we go. Round one. Early shots coming from Nicola. Lovely combination to body and head. The perfect start. The French lass has landed a couple as the round has gone on. Adams still in control. Surely her round?

Judges marks are... Across the board for Adams! Yes!! One more good round then just avoid getting hit Nicola!

Round Two Some great head shots at the start of the 2nd. This is tremendous right now. Adams well in control. Head to body all the time.

Got to be another 10-9 across the board from the judges. Unless the Russians have paid for a French win. 2 superb rounds from Adams. Get in!

Oh, it's four rounds is it?? Shows how much I know. Anyways, judges give it to Nicola. Again. 10-9 across the board. Lovely.

Round Three A bit scrappy in the centre of the ring. The lass from France lands a good right hand. Better round from her in truth.