Canoeing Finals - Including Liam Heath



How fast can you run 200m? Usain Bolt did it the other night in 19.78s and he was a bit disappointed.

I reckon at my best, I'd have done 100m in 12.5s, so double that and add a couple, cause we all get tired, that's 27s. At my very best.

Stephen Clark (@clarkyboy72)

Depends if there is a pint at the end of it!

Graham Terris

Run 200, drink a pint, run 200, another pint, hand over baton. Pub relay.

So what about sitting in a canoe, in water, with a paddle for propulsion? These guys do it in 32s. Imagine!

The B final has just run and all 8 finished within 0.8s, won by the Lithuanian paddler with a margin of 8/100ths.

It's a slow race today - the conditions are not great apparently. Uphill? :-/

Anyways - GB are on a medal hunt. Liam Heath won a silver in the doubles kayak 200m. He's on his own today.

Here's how they line up...

The current champ, GB's Ed McKeever didn't make the squad. Liam, no pressure.


Slowish start...