Golf: Women's Final Round



Afternoon all. We've got multiple major winners. We've got pretty much all of the top players in the world. We've got fantastic weather. We don't have much in the way of crowds, atmosphere, or commentary. Yes, welcome to the final round of the Women's Olympic Golf !

Here at ByTheMinute Towers join me, @dralanwilson, as we give the coverage that no-one else dares to. TOP NEWS SO FAR - GOLD FOR PARK* * Probably

Lydia Ko about to play and Leaderboard shows 5 shot lead for PARK.

So, leader is short of the green at 10 in regulation. Ko is in to about 20 ft. Piller is also short. Park with the flat stick and thats not great. Well short. Maybe not perfect after all. Piller also putting from just on the green. My bad. Good run, but shoots past. Over on 12 HULL at -8. Cracking shot in there. 188yds and about 10ft left for bird.

Lewis (-7) on 14, catches the left edge and trundles off. Poor shot. Ko with putt to get to -10. Just sneaks past the right. Need to take your chances here I think. Still a big fight for silver. Park to tidy up for bogey after tee shot went in the water. Yes, hard to believe I know. Great putt but that's a shot dropped and a glimmer of hope for the chasers.

Piller tidies up for par and stays at -8.

Leaderboard at 17:17 BST GOLD Park (KOR) -16 SILVER Ko (NZL) -11 BRONZE Feng (CHN) -10 Nomura (JPN) Lewis (USA) -9 Hull (GBR) -8

Charley could still be among the medals here, lot of golf to play.

Ko away at 11 and she's hooked into some kind of desert. Piller on the tee - bangs it miles down there. Leader Park last to go - she'll be 30 yds back at least I predict. Another push right into the crowd. How does that swing even work? Can someone explain it to me?

Hull misses her putt. Stays -8. Feng with a good tee shot on some unnamed hole. Lewis from that bunker on 14 and she plays a beaut. Should be good for par.