Athletics: Mo Farah Aims For Historic Double



Well, well, well. The final night of the Athletics and the final late session of the 2016 Olympic Games is upon us. In 24 hours we will all be not watching the closing ceremony and wondering who on earth we will sort our sleeping patterns out. But not before this very exciting looking Athletics session.

I'm Joe Love and it could be quite a night. It starts with the Men's 1500m and the Women's 800m, ends with both of the 4x400m relays and in the middle is arguably the main event of the night. Mo Farah going for the double double in the 5000m final in what would be a remarkable achievement.

So, first up tonight is the Men's 1500m final and here are the contenders

There's also the Women's high jump and Men's Javelin finals going on tonight in the field.

So, here we go with the 1500m final. Charlie Grice going for Britain, a medal would be an astounding result for him. Asbel Kiprop would probably go into this as the favorite although Kwemoi will fancy himself.

Makhloufi, of course, is the defending champion and took silver in the 800m, he will probably be dangerous.

They're away in the Men's 1500m final!

They all sprint off the start to secure early position and then slow right down to nothing more than a light jog, nobody willing to take an early gamble.

They are still just having a gentle jog, approaching the bell now though

They take the bell, Centrowitz leading them round for the final lap