Taekwondo: Semi Finals



Hey everyone. It's Bianca Walkden of Great Britain vs Shuyin Zheng of China in the 67kg semi finals. Winner is guaranteed at least a silver medal. Coming up next!

Right now it's Alfaga of Niger vs Shokin of Uzbekistan. Alfaga is 7-1 up with seconds left. Winner goes to the men's 80kg final.

And Alfaga goes through 8-2. He'll face the winner of Radik Isaev of Uzbekistan and Mahama Cho in the other semi final! Plenty of British interest. Alfaga has secured at least a silver medal which is the best result ever for Niger at the Olympics! Only one Bronze at Munich 72 in the history of the country. Congratulations!

Zheng is out in the blue corner. Walkden is in the red. Can the lass from Liverpool follow in the footsteps of Jade Jones? Let's find out. Fight is on!

Aggressive start from Walkden. Unable to score, but she's coming forward.

They now fight from distance. Walkden throws a power punch. Doesn't land it, and almost too high. Almost punching Zheng in the face.

After an aggressive start, it ends up a fairly uneventful first round. 0-0. No penalties.

Second round begins. Walkden immediately throwing kicks, but can't land. Zheng doing her best to fight on the back foot.

Zheng just misses with a head kick. Still no score. Midway point of round 2.

Both girls go for a body punch at the same time. Neither land.