Mountain Bike: Men's Cross Country



Hello everyone!! Itd the very enjoyable mountain biking!! Grant Ferguson here for Britain but Kulhavy, Shurter and Absalon should br up there, small unknown rider with road race world champ, Peter Sagan! @TimBonvilleGinn here for this great race

So we're off! Sagan has the number 50 on by the way as he moves up very nicely! He looks so weird on the bike!! Hey mtb is a great race to watch, unfortunately we don't get much live coverage on TV

So we have a long long line on these really hard climbs! Sagan with Fontana and Shurter of Italy and Switzerland

Shurter has gone out hard! Absolute piles up on some of these hard technical bends

Nearly all riders struggling in the slippy mud! It's been raining a lot at the moment! Sagan is trying to hold in to the group, he's looking good in 3rd at the moment, we have Shurter, Fontana, Sagan and a French rider and believe it or not, an Israeli rider!

Koretzky and Haimy are the French and Israeli riders

So, we now have a 5 man group. Interesting that some riders are going for hard tail suspension and others on soft tails! Absalon not up here as of yet but you'd expect him to get going soon! We have a little look at the ground that was burnt by the fire but it's all good as no problems on the Rio Rocks

Yes we have some silly names on the obstacles! The front group is joined by a Spaniard and a Czech as PUNCTURE SAGAN! Nooo!! Come on Peter

Absalon is catching! Kulhavy is the Czech rider, of course he's the defending champion! Sagan riding really well to be up there still although I say that but he is going backwards

Fontana and Sagan both have front wheel punctures!! Close calls for some riders round Rio 40 degrees