JJ: I always like this pace to start with.

John Cena on top now in this, Styles on the floow.

SUPLEX from AJ Styles... John Cena down.

JJ: yeah they need to stop doing suplexes on the apron. Cena almost didn't get all the way over there.

JJ: AJ with an early-ish Styles Clash for 2. Has he pinned anyone with that since coming to WWE?

JJ: Styles with a torture rack. I had flashbacks to Lex Luger on Nitro.

JJ: Cena just hit a victory roll and it looked cool. I'm stunned. 2 count.

JJ: James? Anyway. Styles springboard off the top gets caught in an STF. Styles rolled into a crossface. Cena escapes and then Styles rolls into the calf killer.

JJ: Cena goes to the top. Leg drop off the top. Stop doing that. You'll break your arse.

JJ: Cena goes for a super AA. Styles slips out. Hits a springboard hurricanrana and then a Phenonemal Forearm for 2. Really good match here.