JJ: Cena with a super AA but Styles kicks out!

JJ: Cena stands in the corner disbelieving. He's completely confused.

JJ: Cena goes for another AA. Styles with a Styles Clash! Goes outside. Forearm again, and nails it for the clean win. AWESOME!!

JJ: So glad to have been wrong about that one. Really good match. AJ wins clean as a sheet. No complaints. Excellent stuff here.

JJ: AJ leaves triumphant. Cena sits in the ring dejected.

JJ: The crowd who were chanting "John Cena Sucks!" during the intro, are giving him a standing ovation right now. This went great!

JJ: Jon Stewart heading out to the ring. Who's going to beat him up this year?

JJ: he takes a mic. Puts over the Styles-Cena match. He's getting major "what" treatment.

JJ: Stewart says he's been invited out by the New Day. He's wearing a Booty-O's t-shirt. Sticks on a unicorn headband. Crowd don't care one bit.

JJ: he gets the crowd to do the Big E intro to bring out Kofi and Xavier. Guess we're getting tag time action next. I'm taking Gallows and Anderson to end the year long title reign here.