Enzo dancing round the ring in style... Big Cass is fired up!

JJ: We should probably predict match by match. Who've you got James? I'm taking JeriKO.

"It's up you New York.... NEWWW YOOOOOOOOORK", Big Cass bringing his singing voice now, Crowd in good voice also

JL: Sadly, i agree. Jericho and Owens for me

There's only one word to describe you and i am going to spell it out for ya. S....A....W....F....T.... SAAAAAWFT! Jericho and Owens making their way to the ring now.

JJ: Jericho has grown a fantastically awful heel goatee beard. Goes well with the scarf.

Here we go then!, Owens and Jericho attacking Enzo to start with, Owens out of the ring now, Enzo and Jericho to kick this off

JL: Hahaha, thought exactly the same, looks terrible as well.

Cross body from Enzo and he's on top now, Here comes Big Cass and Owens.

Enzo and Big Cass double team now, Jericho pulls Owens out of the ring, Big Cass then launches Enzo onto Both Jericho and Owens outside the ring. Jericho back in control.