JL: I will genuinely be so angry. and Thought the same!

Bell rings... Away we goooo!

Sasha's arse is a thing of beauty... sorry i'm getting carried away.

JJ: Really good pace to begin the match. Exchange of holds, and an early Banks Statement attempt. And yes, I did notice that...

Sasha on the top rope... Charlotte joins her, boot across Sasha's chin.. Second rope... Charlotte drops her! It looked like that wasn't meant to happen but maybe it was.

JJ: Uh-oh. Botchamania.

JJ: I spoke to soon. This match has completely fallen to pieces.

JL: It seems that mess up as affected it.

Backbreaker from Charlotte, Sasha kicks out on two.

Sasha fighting back... Charlotte looking for the figure 4 into the figure 7 but Sasha kicks her away, Sasha into the corner again.