JJ: Here's a video of the terrible Doctor stuff. Waste of Gallows and Anderson.

Liam Fitzpatrick

And Balor .. did he snub them or what why was he their?

Jody Jamieson

I think it was supposed to be a snub, but I think Balor turns heel at some point.

Intercontinental match up next: Miz vs Apollo Crews. Going for an Apollo Crews win which may shock people.

Liam Fitzpatrick

yeah i tghink hell win but hes not ready for it

Maryse is out of this world

Jody Jamieson

Was just about to say that. Her outfit is buys.

James Leahy

I'm so glad she's in the camera shot

Away we go then,,, The Miz straight away into the attack.

JJ: I'm picking Miz retains.

Liam Fitzpatrick

i hope so

DDT from the Miz, covers but instant kick out.

The Miz walks straight into a drop kick from Apollo Crews. Running clotheslines from Crews now.

JJ: Crowd is completely dead. No-one cares about this match.

Liam Fitzpatrick

idont care about it tbh

Liam Fitzpatrick

btw thoughts on Lesnar V Orton two vets headlining over Rollins/Balor?

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JL: Does anyone? HA!

Standing moonsault from Crews. Miz kicks out. This match is dead.