The Miz jumps out of the ring, Crews pushes him back in. Skull crushing finale from the Miz.... 1.....2.....3! MIZ RETAINS!

JJ: Maryse is happy, so I'm happy. And I called it!

Think WWE just had 10 minutes to waste there, that was terrible.

Liam Fitzpatrick

right i gtg and get some sleep so will watch the rest tomorrow but enjoy the show guys and night!

Jody Jamieson

Take care Liam.

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JJ: Oh look. Goldberg's advert for the WWE 2K17 game... I'm saying no more.

James Leahy

My takeaway just came so i missed that!

Jody Jamieson

I live in the sticks so I had to have my Summerslam takeaway hours ago!

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UP NEXT: John Cena vs AJ Styles. Styles win for this one.

JJ: I'm taking Cena here, and I'll be furious if I'm right.


Away we gooooo then. Bell rings.

Crowd in excellent voice for this one!

Slow start to this one...