Rio 2016: Closing Ceremony



Evening all! What a wonderful 16 days of sporting action we've enjoyed in Rio - especially if you happen to be from (or support) Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Well, the US haven't done too badly either, I suppose. I'm Andrew Corcoran and I'll be here to complement your viewing of tonight's ceremony or simply enjoy this page as a post-ceremonial report.

Let's take one last look at the final medal table (well, until various doping results come back, etc.). It makes amazing viewing for anyone British. Please feel free to flood the comment boxes of this page with your moments and memories of Rio 2016. Use it as an outlet for your grief, or perhaps relief that it's finally all over... until we do this all again with (what's left of) the Paralympics.

My one personal highlight? I've given it a lot of thought and gone with Max Whitlock winning 2 golds on the middle Sunday, one for his momentous floor final and one on the pommel horse. Why? His 2nd gold was the moment we overtook China on the medal table... and stayed there! And look - we're actually still only one gold ahead!

But more so, Max is the poster boy of those emerging from the dust of London 2012 to make a splash in Rio 2016. A hugely pleasant surprise to see him claiming so much metal, and leading an impressive charge of talented young athletes towards Tokyo 2020.

First pictures from inside the Maracana! Lots of empty seats... this time, though, reserved for the athletes to take their place around the floor of the stadium. I'm sure they will appear very soon. The Olympic torch is back lit in the stadium, too.

The plane guy is helping us countdown to the start of it all. Sorry, I've had to turn the BBC commentary off because the sound is so bad, so I'm flying (ha!) blind here. Ooh, fireworks!

Big cheer as the dancers on the floor form an image of Christ the Redeemer statue.

Another big cheer as the dancers form the cable car that connects two of the hills in Rio. Or something.

Music provided by the Barbatuques, by the way, who do lots of percussive stuff with their mouths and dancing etc. Oh, the dancers now form the Olympic rings! Obviously.

Thomas Bach introduced to the crowd, and now Brazilian legend Martinho da Vila sings "As Pastorinhas" to the delight of the crowd.