Big Fat Quiz of Everything



So what is this quiz about? Everything is the answer!

Jimmy Carr presenting as always Promising funny things and nothing too depressing

Teams Noel fielding & richard ayoade Jonathan Ross & Adam Buxton Rob Beckett & aisling bea!

Pretty sure I've seen them all appear on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown.....

Noel and Richard calling themselves the sultans of bhunai Adam and Jonathan going with dank meme Now TGGTTB :) Which is two great guys trying their best Rob & aisling going with tits and teeth for obvious reasons

First round is history.....

Q1) napoleon asked some girl to not do anything for 3 days what was it? Q2) kids acting out a historical event.... All very cute and not doing a bad job.... Although I've got no idea what it is Q3) clip from horizon trying to recreate something .... What? Some guy saying 1,2,3 over and over in silly voices Again I have no idea......

Q4) Jodie Kidd asks what was in Pandora box?

ANSWERS q1) Jonathan: don't watch game of thrones without me Rob: some random words Noel: don't wash Correct answer: don't wash!

2) Richard & Noel: game of thrones / Miami vice/ war of the roses (two bits of fun and then a fact) Adam and Jonathan: drake and meek mill having a fight Rob & aisling: war of the roses and drew a couple of genetalia.... War of the roses was right though!