Never Have I Ever Seen: Inception



Hello. I'm Heather. I've just graduated with a Physics degree and have no idea what I want to do but still trying to get a ‘proper’ job! Lots of interviews and no luck as of yet. Work in McDonalds for now so have a bit of free time to do stuff like this. And Never Have I Ever Seen Inception.

Q: WTF?! How have you never seen Inception? Well I went through a period of not really watching or liking many films. I find the cinema ridiculously expensive for what it is (although now I have started going more frequently again, especially with 2 for 1) and just never had time to sit and watch a film when balancing working with studies.

It’s a film I’ve been wanting to watch but never got around to!

Q: So what films have you actually seen? Tell us about your favourites. As I said, I haven’t watched too many films really! I’d only seen about 15 on the top 250… although one of my all-time favourites has to be Toy Story. I also love a good rom-com with Love Actually being high on my list as well as Moulin Rouge. 50 First Dates and the other Sandler/Barrymore films are high on my list too.

Having said that I have recently started enjoying the Marvel films such as Deadpool… so wide variety but mainly stick with the rom-coms.

Q: Before you start the film, what do you know about it already? Not that much tbh! I know it’s very confusing and hard to get your head around…. So why not try watching it whilst writing a BTM report on it ey? I also know its got Leo Dicaprio (Oh I’ve also never watched Titanic), Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in, so we’ll see how it goes.

OK. You may begin. *presses play*

0:00:00 Well here it goes. Lots of waves, on the sea. Oh, there's Leo Having a flashback to younger self maybe? Why is he washed up on a beach?

0:00:49 Great. Some guys are shouting stuff I don't understand.

0:01:30 It all looks very dark...