Never Have I Ever Seen: Inception



0:02:10 Okay Leo is chatting about an idea... Doesn't seem too hard to understand yet.

0:03:15 Okay so now Leo wants to know how this guy's head works better than anyone else or something

0:03:40 Wait why is stuff getting blown up??

0:05:00 This woman a former lover of Leo or something??

0:06:15 It's all still very dark... but then again they seem to be breaking into somewhere. Don't want it to be too light I guess.

0:07:00 Oooh guns are involved. Yippeee.

0:07:20 Why is Leo surrendering his gun? That seems silly....

0:07:45 Because he's getting threatened it means he's in a dream? What?

0:08:00 Okay is that guy dead or not? Does anyone actually die in this film?

0:08:30 So now buildings are collapsing but somethings telling me that no this isn't real.