Never Have I Ever Seen: Inception



0:25:50 I don't understand how they can be aware they're in a dream??

0:26:50 Wait so all Leo is is an architect???

0:29:30 So she's learning how to manipulate dreams. Got it.

0:33:10 So is the casino real or a dream? I'm guessing dream.

0:35:00 Okay maybe it's real.

0:36:20 Nahh lots of guns involved. I'm sticking with dream.

0:37:25 Okay, so I still don't understand why they're trying to get the girl involved.

0:38:30 Ahh okay, so I've learn Leo's character is called Cobb and he won't build anymore.

0:42:40 Yeah, I'm lost again.

0:43:00 But ooh here's Tom Hardy.