Never Have I Ever Seen: Inception



0:45:00 So the aim of this film is to get an idea in someone's head through dreams right?

0:47:30 This girl seems to be learning things pretty quickly...

0:50:00 Okay this is making sense. Sedating the guys and having dream within a dream within a dream. Sensation of falling to wake them up.

0:51:00 I don't get the whole 'first level is a week, second is six months, third is ten years' thing though.

0:52:30 Ahhh so Leo/Cobb can't do it anymore because he just dreams about his dead wife. Whenever she turns up everyone knows it's a dream. Makes sense.

0:57:15 Awww why is Leo doing this to himself

0:58:20 Why would Leo go to jail if this other guy doesn't honour the agreement?? He's just an architect?

0:59:00 No one threatened to throw Ted in jail in How I Met Your Mother and he was an architect.

0:59:30 I realise that job title has nothing to do with whether you get sent to jail or not but still.

1:00:00 Okay so the plane is real and they're all setting themselves up for sedation. I think.