Never Have I Ever Seen: Inception



1:23:00 Ahh this is that scene the meme comes from!

1:25:00 Okay so I understand no one can die but then why do guns keep appearing? If it's someone's dream stop giving weapons to let people die!

1:25:40 Why is Leo pointing out it's a dream?? Surely that's a bad thing to do?!

1:28:20 Ohhh so this is the second layer!

1:29:00 I think I understand a bit! Leo's still trying to find out the combination from the first later, where they put him in a van... which then explains the gravity shifts in THIS layer....

1:31:30 Yeah so I still don't understand what all this has to do with planting an idea in someone's head but sure.

1:34:30 Wellllll the van getting pushed off can't be a good thing.

1:35:00 Ahhhh so the driving of the van is happening in the first level and that rolling over and over is affecting the gravity in this level. I totally get it!

1:36:45 So is this Fisher guy good or bad? All I know is we're in his subconscious.... Right?

1:38:20 So obviously they're existing in multiple layers now... what happens if one of them dies in an earlier level to where they're existing now?? What then?!